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Bespoke Framing is where Finally Framed started all those years ago and when you first walk into our shop in Sidcup High Street you will instantly see our selection of mouldings.


We take a less is more approach so whilst we offer a great choice of mouldings for your framing we don't want to confuse you with many hundreds of all too similar frames covering the entire shop.  We hand select what we feel are the best and most popular frames available today and constantly refresh the choices available to you.


We do still stock hundreds of mouldings though, the most popular being gold, silver, black, white and natural woods and we also stock more contemporary styles and colours. 


Should you be looking for something a little different to those in stock then we will be happy to let you browse our moulding catalogues to find what you need which we can order in specifically for you.

shop 150720.jpg

Almost as important as your framing is creating the story around it and we have a wide selection of mounts and colours for you to choose from.

Use the mounts to create a different colour border to match a colour within your art or maybe use it to fit within a colour scheme in the room you'll be hanging your finished art in.  

Single mounts offer options for width and colour to any artwork however you could consider double mounts too.

Double mounts are an effective way to highlight colour or simply build depth to the picture, leading the eye from the frame directly to your framed art or memorabilia.



double mount.jpg

Come in, look through our frame samples and please feel free to speak with us about what it it you are looking to do.  We are always happy to answer questions and offer advice re your framing options.


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