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With a pencil at hand, Chislehurst based artist Aaron Joel, brings his artwork to life with his blend of charcoal and graphite. With previous experience of working as an art dealer, Aaron had the opportunity to work alongside of some of the countries best artists and gathering advice and tips along the way to help perfect his style. Now, with 5+ years experience as a self-taught artist, Aaron specialises in the art of photo-realism with his portraiture approach.

Aaron says "I've always loved to draw. When I first started picking up a pencil my first means of practice was drawings cartoon characters. It taught me the basics and the structure of seeing an image and learning how to replicate it"

"As I got older, I became fascinated with hyper-realism art and even more so, I became fascinated with faces and portraiture in this style of art.  We all have eyes, nose and a mouth but what is it about the structure of your face that makes yours so unique. Drawing portraits would help me bring these answers to life."

From drawing iconic faces to ordinary people, Aaron spends 7-8 hours a day perfecting his craft.

If you are interested in commissioned artwork by Aaron, please Contact Us for details.


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Growing up in a scenic countryside in Poland, Bexley based artist, Kasia Sifantus, gained an interest for painting, inspired by the wild skies and open spaces surrounding her. With art as a calling, mixed with a curiosity to always explore further, her young self set off for Scotland, UK. Graduating from Edinburgh College of Art with a degree in Interior Design, she has since spent her professional-working life helping people and companies, by creating interiors they desire and bringing various visions and ideas to life. 

Now living in London and still an avid painter, she has created abstract pieces inspired by nature that could easily become a focal point of any space. Kasia primarily works with acrylic and metal leaves, achieving unique patterns and textures by combining them together. She has developed her own pouring technique by layering thinned acrylic with mineral pigments. Kasia's artworks can be found in private collections worldwide.

"My artworks are abstract memories of experiences related to the natural world. I'm particularly drawn to the sky and water, as symbols of freedom and happiness. Every painting is an experience, a celebration of colour and emotions that life unfolds. 

I hope my work will inspire viewers, allowing them to immerse themselves in the composition and the detail of the painting, and seeing something new every time they study the piece."

If you are interested in commissioned artwork by Kasia, please Contact Us for details.


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