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Memorabilia framing is a speciality of Finally Framed and we are proud to frame for Professional and Amateur football teams as well as local Schools, Colleges and Universities.


When framing a shirt or any memorabilia of key importance is the ongoing integrity of the item you have brought to us.  We aim to present your item perfectly whilst keeping the handling of it to a minimum.  We have a range of materials and techniques to do this which allows you to have the finished look you desire.


For football shirts we can stitch in the traditional way or stretch, hang or present in newer styles.  Display the whole shirt, the back of the shirt showing the players name, the front of the shirt with the club badge or an area where the shirt has been signed.  You can also add ticket stubs, programmes or photos, the choice is yours.


Come in and see us, decide how you would prefer your shirt to be hung and then review our frame mouldings and mounts to create the story around your shirt or item. 

Signed Chris Froome Tour de France jersey
Tapestr Fire Screen

Tapestry and Cross Stitch framing is performed in the traditional way.  We attach calico canvas to your tapestry or cross stitch and then carefully hand-stretch from the calico in order to maintain the perspective of your carefully created art.

Once stretched you have the choice of framing or applyng a mount before it is framed to add depth to your art.  


Medals and more 3D items are handled with similar care and attention.  We have a range of tools and techniques to display your item exactly the way you imagine it.


Come into the shop and let us know how you envisage your items looking and we can help you achieve it.


Come in, look through our frame samples and please feel free to speak with us about what it it you are looking to do.  We are always happy to answer questions and offer advice re your framing options.



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